Q) Why can't I connect to your irc server using my irc client?
A) If you happened to live in Malaysia, or connecting from Malaysian ISP, try changing your port from port 6667 to 6668, 6669 or 7000. Other than that, please use our ticketing system or send us an email, complete with your error details.

Q) What is your official server channel?
A) Our official server channel is #etnies

Q) What is your main channel to chat?
A) Our main chatting channel is #kampung

Q) If I got questions about your irc server/services, where/who should I ask?
A) You can join #help channel, ask your questions there and wait for a reply from our staffs.

Q) What should I do if no one reply my questions in #help?
A) You can use our ticketing system HERE.